Multi-vehicle discount - Terms and Conditions

Our offer

As part of our comprehensive Toyota motor vehicle insurance product, we offer a multi-vehicle discount for customers who meet the eligibility criteria. This multi-vehicle discount is not available for any other products.

Subject to the eligibility criteria, the multi-vehicle discount will apply to newly issued policies for all second and subsequent motor vehicles. It will not apply to your original motor vehicle or the motor vehicle that you have insured with us for the longest time.

Eligibility criteria

To attain a multi-vehicle discount, you must meet the eligibility criteria listed below:

  • You must tell us that you have more than one vehicle insured with us; and
  • The vehicle must be kept at the identical address (as shown on your policy schedule) to the additional policies you hold; and
  • Your premium must exceed the minimum premium set by us for the relevant policy type.

How to get the multi-vehicle discount

New policies

If you are taking out a new comprehensive Toyota motor vehicle policy, you must tell us that you have at least one other vehicle that is insured with us, so that we can apply the multi-vehicle discount. If you do not tell us, you will not get the multi-vehicle discount.

If you claim to have multiple vehicles insured with us and we discover within 30 days after your policy starts (or renews) that this is not the case, your multi-vehicle discount will be revoked. You will then be required to pay the additional premium amount. For further details on collection of outstanding premiums see General Conditions of your policy wording.

Existing policies

If you are renewing an existing policy and you believe you meet our eligibility criteria, you should check your policy schedule.  If it shows the multi-vehicle discount has been applied, you do not need to take any steps. If it does not, you will need to contact us for the multi-vehicle discount to be applied.  If you do not tell us, you will not get the multi-vehicle discount. 

If there is a problem

Despite our best efforts to apply the multi-vehicle discount in accordance with these Terms & Conditions, we may not always get it right. If you did not receive a multi-vehicle discount when you believe you were entitled to one (or received a smaller discount than expected), please contact us.

Discount Application

This explains how we apply a multi-vehicle discount.


The multi-vehicle discount rate will change from time to time. It applies to your base premium only, excluding government levies and taxes. The discount is not transferable or redeemable for cash.

Changing your policy

If you make any changes to your policy during the policy period, the multi-vehicle discount will be applied to your change if you have it noted on your policy. The amount is always the pro-rated amount.

If you are not entitled to a multi-vehicle discount, then the amount may be deducted from any refund owing to you (inclusive government levies and taxes).


If one of your policies is cancelled and you no longer have multi-vehicles, then your multi-vehicle discount will be removed upon renewal on your remaining policy (although we reserve the right to do so earlier).

Responsibilities & Liabilities

It is your responsibility to provide us with honest, correct and complete information and to inform us, in a timely manner, of changes to any relevant information that may impact your policy.

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance is not liable for the multi-vehicle discount being applied or misapplied as a result of the information you provided being incomplete, inaccurate or provided in an untimely manner.

Terms & Conditions Changes

From time to time, these Terms & Conditions may change including by us removing the multi-vehicle discount at any time. This may mean that when you renew or take out a new policy, you do not receive a multi-vehicle discount.

Whilst we will not make any changes to your policies mid-term, the offer at renewal may change.

Before you renew or take out a new policy, you should check the current version of these Terms & Conditions.

Effective Date

11th April 2024